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Please RSVP here by leaving a comment below

When replying, please type in your full name and include a 1 or 2 as written on the RSVP card you received.

24 comments to RSVP Page

  • Hi Ti, Hi Arvin,

    Thank you for the invitation. Cliff and I are excited to, and definitely, join you on your wedding day.

    Love you!
    Bac Thuy

  • Love the site. The pictures are beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see you tie the knot,


  • Chenie Latter

    I wouldn’t miss this event! My cousin, Belle Araneta, will be attending with me. Thanks, son. Love you both!


  • Larsen

    Nice site! I’ll try to make it. heheh jk.

  • DAD

    Wow! very nice. Where are my glasses… haha.

  • Allen Latter

    I will be very happy to attend.

  • Mel Latter (2)

    Will attend. Congratulations.

  • A. J. Latter

    Will probably attend.

  • Cort

    I’ll be there. Flying Han-Solo. Andy-Poo has to work, but he sends his best.

  • Maniya

    I want to keep the RSVP card as a memento, so consider this my RSVP. And I promise not to be late for this most special event, even if it will ruin my late streak.

  • Tom Doan

    Great job on the website and RSVP! Deb and i would not miss your wedding for the world. Lets get the party started!

  • Garick Chan and Stephanie Watt (total:2)
    would like to humbly request
    bright faces and warm smiles
    at the marriage of their friends
    Elizabeth of the Doan’s
    Arvin of the Gatmaitan clan
    on Saturday, the twenty-second of August
    two thousand and nine
    at two o’clock

  • Joe Doan

    Yoooohooo! I can’t wait to the sparkles in both of your eyes when you both are pronounced “Husband and Wife.” Unfortunately, I will be attending alone. Helena and Stanton will be in Vietnam. I’ll explain later.

    Joe – Helena – Stanton

  • Ryan-Dje-Djecoh

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
    Best wishes cousins…

    We all love you.

    … this website pages are so nice…

    take care & God bless…

  • Gerry and Sygnore Valdeavilla

    With much regret, we would have to miss this great event. But, we would like to send our LOVE and BEST WISHES to you both.

  • Danilo and Luisa Canela

    We will be in this great event even if we had to cross the high seas from point A to point C, with a little detour to point B. We’ll see you!!!

  • Alex and Tess Burgos

    Thank you for inviting us and wanting us to witness this great event of your lives. We will be in attendance with our 3 daughters – Cristine, Marites, and Maribel.

  • Beth Sia-ingsi (1)


  • Roger Hsu and Sunny Zhang (2)

    Me and my gal are soooo there!

  • Jacqui & Steve Lee

    I love your bridal and groomsmen excerpts…so cute and funny! I’ll try not to weep like a baby at your guarantees though!

  • Samantha and Brian Montes

    Thanks for the invite! We won’t miss this for anything even for our daughter’s Don’t worry were celebrating Mahal’s birthday a week early. We figured you guys will only have 1 wedding in a lifetime right?!! and our daughter will have one again next year. BTW, please count my mother and Robin too!

  • Louie & Mariza Ruiz

    Thanks for inviting us. We look forward to a happy reunion with family and friends!

  • Admin

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your RSVPS. We really do appreciate it. We are happy to have a finalized guest list and cannot wait to celebrate our wedding day with all of you! If you are concerned that we may have missed you, please give Lynn Doan or Maniya Gatmaitan a call and they will be happy to help.

    Arvin and Liz

  • Sheila F. Gatmaitan

    I love your website, it’s amazing! Can’t wait to see the wedding, it will be beautiful!

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